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Dry shower for the military

A military shower is an integral part of a soldier's hygiene

When one thinks of the military, the first thing that comes to mind is a plethora of instructions and regulations. Of course, the men and women who defend their country can find themselves in extremely dangerous situations; therefore maintaining discipline is extremely important. And this can become especially important when it comes to medicine and hygiene; when you're in the middle of a battle, the last thing you want to think about is whether you're going to get a rash because of a lack of basic hygiene.

Personal hygiene is relevant for many population groups. People who work and live in crowded places may be at particularly high risk. The military environment is a prime example of such a high-risk group, as military personnel live and work closely together in the performance of their duties as soldiers.

Because these individuals undergo rigorous training related to their duties, many activities that affect their health may be overlooked. In addition, there are numerous infectious diseases associated with respiratory, gastrointestinal and skin disorders that are easily preventable by following hygiene rules. For example, a dry shower for the military from Estem will come in handy. A compact, convenient kit will help to quickly and without additional means, except for a small amount of water, make the body clean.

Сухий душ Estem
Сухий душ

Military shower - how to use

Military personnel know that being on duty is no excuse for poor hygiene. Being clean—often without the convenience of running water—is an art they practice to perfection. Although it is difficult to stay "within the rules" without a carefully selected field hygiene kit.

Estem.ua helps military personnel stay perfectly clean with the help of hygiene kits. Dry shower for the military is a unique disposable product in the form of a sponge with a hypoallergenic gel. It will help to take care of your own hygiene in conditions when there is a lack of water.

In order to "accept water procedures" it is necessary:


Open the package


Pull out the sponge


Pour 25 ml of water on it and foam it


Treat the body with foam


Wipe with a towel (can not be washed off)

Military shower - characteristics:

For any type of skin (even children's)

Can be used on dry and wet skin

Does not cause irritation and allergies

No soapy residue or sticky feeling

Convenient format

Estem products can also be used on hikes, trips and long trips in a car or train.

Buy a dry shower for the military in Ukraine

When traveling, hiking or survival expeditions, one cannot forget such an important thing as personal hygiene. The Estem.ua website presents products of a much more compact form than classic hygiene kits.

Every lover of outdoor recreation is largely looking for various forms of increasing the level of comfort during recreation. Whether your outdoor pursuits are military, sports or camping, everyone will find products that have a personal, practical dimension to them.

Unlike ordinary wet wipes, the military shower is a complete alternative to the usual water procedures. It will safely and thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities. The hypoallergenic composition of the gel does not cause irritation even to very sensitive skin.

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