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Tourist shower


A comfortable travel shower from the manufacturer in the Estem store

It is natural that we take care of body cleanliness for a good appearance, healthy skin, and absence of unpleasant odor. But large supplies of water, a bathroom, and detergents are not always nearby. These pleasant things may be far away, and hygienic procedures cannot wait. A tourist shower, which requires very little moisture, will help solve the problem. The user receives a sponge with dry gel, cream, and useful applications. A long trip, a sports meeting or a stay in the hospital will not interfere with maintaining cleanliness. Ease of use, moderate price and pleasant effect attract the attention of buyers. Customers find products on our website with intuitive pages.

Here, polite managers are always ready to help customers with any questions they may have. It is convenient to choose and buy a tourist shower from a detailed catalog using a filter. Buyers will receive useful information and choose only the things they need. The Estem store offers patented products with quality certificates. She was tested by dermatologists and received positive results. The conducted tests revealed the useful qualities of the product, which help in maintaining a satisfactory level of hygiene. The product has reduced dimensions, light weight and is easy to use in difficult conditions. We advise the following categories of buyers to order a shower for tourism:

We advise the following categories of buyers to order a shower for tourism:
● travelers;
●relatives of immobile patients;
● athletes;
● hunters, fishermen, foresters;
●active people.
The state sanitary-epidemiological examination confirmed the safety of the product with positive conclusions. Customer reviews confirm the product's quality and ease of use. The benefit of the application is noted when finding clients in inconvenient places and conditions. These troubles do not prevent the performance of body cleansing procedures. For this, you only need to buy a tourist shower and use the tool. The ingredients do not cause allergic reactions, they are safe for the skin and human body. The product remains useful for three years, does not lose its quality and important properties.


What are the benefits of using a travel shower?

We advise you to purchase a convenient detergent that does not have age restrictions. It can be used by children and adults without the risk of skin irritation. A useful tourist shower is advantageously different from wet wipes. With the help of a modern licensed product, maintaining a healthy skin condition will be a simple matter. When traveling, sports meetings or hunting, hygienic procedures are carried out without complications. Everyone will be able to appreciate the advantages of the patented product over inconvenient napkins. Washing the body does not cause dryness of the skin, does not require water supply. A clean and well-moisturized body brings satisfaction to the user. You only need to buy a tourist shower in the Estem store via the Internet. Buying goods online has become a convenient method of making the necessary purchases. Customers will find a pleasant level of prices and high quality products on our website. Categories of products from verified Ukrainian suppliers are collected here. Buyers will find inexpensive things needed to maintain a high level of hygiene in the online store. The cost of modern body washes is attractive.

How to buy a tourist shower online

The Estem store offers attractive prices for skin care products. A good selection of high-quality hygiene products will interest customers who value their health and attractive appearance. You can order a shower for tourism online without wasting time. After completing the application, we offer to pay for the selected products by PrivatBank card or cash on delivery. We forward the order by Nova Poshta with a tracking code. Thanks to this convenient service, the recipient can track the movement of goods to his side. Self-pickup is also possible from our drop-off point in Kyiv. If the user needs to buy a Ukrainian-made tourist shower, he should contact our store. Easy-to-use detergents of the Estem brand are also sold in pharmacy chains and military stores. They are offered in the equipment and tourism departments of supermarkets. This product is popular and in demand due to its quality, low cost and ease of use.


Estem tourist shower — features of use

Advantages of using a disposable shower:



✓ able to replace several cosmetic products at once — sponge, gel, shampoo and other body washes;

✓ it is enough to wet the sponge with a small amount of water (30 ml);

✓one sponge is enough to wash an adult person of any build from head to toe;



✓ suitable for any skin type;

✓ does not cause allergies or irritations;

✓one-time use prevents the transmission of various fungal infections and infectious diseases, which are possible when using a reusable hygienic product;

✓suitable for daily use;



✓ does not take up much space, the product can always be carried with you in a bag or backpack;

✓does not require special conditions for storage;



✓ suitable for use on both wet and dry skin;

✓ copes with any type of pollution;



✓ carefully takes care of the body;

✓does not leave soapy divorces behind;

✓no feeling of "stickiness";



✓ used disposable foam sponges are subject to recycling.

You can buy disposable foam sponges with dermatological gel at an affordable price on the Estem.ua website.