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Terms of use of the site

I. General provisions
The website https://estem.ua/ (hereinafter – the “Site”) is presented by the company ESTEM LLC
(hereinafter - the "Company"), located at the address: Kazimyra Malevich Street, building 86B, Kyiv city, 03150, Ukraine.
By using the Site, the user agrees to comply with these Terms of Use of the Site (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") without any restrictions or reservations.
The company reserves the right to change (abbreviate, supplement and rewrite) these Rules at any time. Corresponding changes take effect automatically after posting on the website page https://estem.ua/ and are distributed to all users who use the website after the date of posting of the changed Rules. In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, the Company draws attention to the need to familiarize yourself with the Rules before each use of the Site.
The company makes efforts to maintain the information contained on the site as complete, accurate and reliable as possible. Despite the above, the Company cannot guarantee the correctness and completeness of the posted information and bears no responsibility for errors in the materials contained on the Site. Relying on any materials of this Site, the user acts at his own risk.
Unless expressly stated otherwise, no statement posted on the Site shall be construed as the Company making any promises and/or guarantees.

II. Copyright on the materials posted on the Site
The site contains materials (photos, images, audiovisual works, graphic materials and text) that are protected by copyright law. Copying, reproduction, placement, distribution, processing, adaptation and translation of the materials of the Site in mass media (including electronic), as well as on other websites, will be considered a violation of the Company's copyright. With the exception of materials that the Company provides to mass media or distributes as part of press releases, any copying, reproduction, placement, distribution, processing, adaptation and translation of Site materials is permitted only with the Company's prior written consent.
III. Signs for goods and services, product packaging design
The rights to signs, names and design of product packaging placed on the pages of the Site belong to the Company and are protected in accordance with the law. Any use of signs, names and product packaging designs posted on the Site pages without obtaining the prior written consent of the Company is prohibited and constitutes a violation of the legislation in the field of intellectual property and/or the legislation on unfair competition.

IV. Newsletter
The Site User can subscribe to the Company's newsletter by entering his e-mail address in the specially designated column and clicking on the corresponding icon.
The company does not have the technical ability to check whether the e-mail address specified when subscribing to the newsletter belongs to the user who made such a subscription. The company is not responsible for any consequences of using the option of signing up for the company's news by users of the Site. The Company provides each user with the opportunity to unsubscribe from the newsletter by following the appropriate hyperlink contained in the newsletter.

V. Email and SMS reminders
Before paying the price of the product added to the basket, the user of the Site is asked to enter his/her email address and/or mobile phone number. If, after specifying the email address and/or mobile phone number, the user does not pay for the product, automatic reminders will be sent to the user's email address and/or phone number indicating the contents of the basket and an invitation to purchase the corresponding product. The same reminders will be sent to email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers of registered users of the Site who have logged into their account before or after adding the product to the cart.
The company has no technical ability to check whether the e-mail address and/or mobile phone number specified when adding the product to the cart belongs to the corresponding user. The company is not responsible for any consequences of users of the Site specifying email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers that do not belong to such users.

VII. Purchase of goods
The purchase of goods by site users is carried out in accordance with the terms of the Offer on concluding a public contract for the retail sale of goods at a distance, which can be found at the link https://estem.ua/
Please read carefully the terms of the Offer to enter into a public contract for the retail purchase and sale of goods at a distance before purchasing the goods or in case of any questions regarding your purchase.
VIII. Account
The company provides users with the opportunity to create an account (personal account) on the Site by entering an e-mail address, password and other necessary data. When creating an account, the user must provide complete and accurate information and update such information in a timely manner during the term of the account. By creating an account, the user confirms that he has reached the age of majority.
The user is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his login and password. The company is not responsible for the correctness of the user's data, the consequences of the user's late updating of such data, and the consequences of third-party access to the user's account.

VIII. Payment systems
When making payments on the Site, the user has the opportunity to choose one of the payment systems supported by the Company. When using the user's chosen payment system, the user may be automatically redirected to other websites for payment processing.
Payments are processed and made in accordance with the terms of the payment system selected by the user. The company does not control and cannot influence the terms of payment, its conditions, procedure, currency conversion rate, etc. The company does not process and store data that provides access to user accounts and is not responsible for compliance and any consequences of breaching the security and/or integrity of data for making payments.
IX. Limitation of liability
Any liability of the Company for damages caused as a result of the use of the Site - regardless of the legal basis, including but not limited to civil tort, is limited to direct damages that are a direct consequence of the Company's intent or gross negligence.
To the extent that the Company is liable as a result of a breach of contractual obligations, the aggregate amount of any claim for damages shall be limited to foreseeable damages.
The above-mentioned provisions do not affect the liability of the Company provided by the legislation on liability for defective products or liability arising from guarantees provided by the Company. The above-mentioned limitations of liability also do not apply in the event of causing damage to human life and health, or inflicting bodily injuries.
The Company makes considerable efforts to protect the Site from viruses, trojans or other code with contaminating or destructive properties, however, cannot guarantee their complete absence. In this regard, the Company recommends that users independently take measures to protect their computers before downloading documents and data from the Site.
The company does not guarantee the absence of errors or malfunctions in the operation of individual options of the Site, nor is it responsible for their availability.
The company is also not responsible in other cases expressly specified in these Rules.
X. Products of the Company
The products, the information about which is contained on the pages of the Site, reflect the products that were developed and manufactured by the Company or the individual entrepreneur Hlushchenko Oleksandr Petrovych.
XI. Other provisions
These Rules are regulated and must be interpreted in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
To the extent permitted by the relevant regulatory acts, the place of court in which all disputes arising out of and in connection with the use of the Site and the materials available on it shall be considered is the city of Kyiv, Ukraine.
In the event that any provision of the Rules is or becomes invalid, the other provisions shall remain in effect.