Dryer-dryer for feet, socks and shoes, 100 ml.
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Dryer-dryer for feet, socks and shoes, 100 ml.

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An exceptional, natural sorbent for effective dehumidification and cleaning of feet, socks and shoes during difficult conditions. Promotes the proper functioning of sweat glands, ensuring dryness and comfort during the day.

Instructions for use:

Daily use: Apply an even layer of sorbent to the foot and toes, ensuring hydration and removal of impurities. Reapply as needed. Put on your socks. Add a small amount of sorbent to the shoe and spread it over the inner surface by shaking. Remove the excess. put on your shoes

Dehumidification and cleaning: If the shoes are wet or dirty, add a sorbent, spreading it over the inner surface of the shoes until they feel dry and clean. Remove wet sorbent before next use. Turn out the dirty sock, add a little sorbent. Then, with movements similar to washing, wash the sock against the sock. Remove excess sorbent.

Composition: amorphous absorbent material (SiO2).

Volume: 100 ml.