Dry shower for military MILITARY EXTREME X2
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Dry shower for military MILITARY EXTREME X2

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• Disposable foam sponge with dermatological gel - 2 pcs.
• Spunlace towel - 1 pc.
• Sachet with water - 1 pc.

Introducing the new set of Estem foam sponge, one of the features of which is that it contains two foam sponges, which allows you to perform two body cleansing procedures instead of one. In addition, the presence of two sponges in the kit allows you to use one for the body and the other for intimate hygiene, which helps prevent the spread of bacteria between these areas of the body. This kit is ideal for field conditions when there is no access to running water and the usual amenities, and will be useful for summer residents and travelers.

One of the strong advantages of the Estem sponge is that it is a disposable shower, which consists of a soft sponge that is already covered with a hypoallergenic disinfectant gel and a disposable towel. To use it, just add up to 40 ml of water (which comes with the kit) and whip up a lush foam. After treatment of the skin, it is enough to dry with a towel, and there is no need to rinse or use additional products.

Estem disposable shower has many advantages, including:

• Does not cause allergies and irritation;
• Fights all types of pollution;
• Easy to transport;
• Leaves clean and fresh skin;
• Does not require the use of a bathroom.

The dry shower set for the military is made of environmentally friendly materials, which are approved by the Ukrainian sample certificate. This set is suitable for adults and children, including babies. The sponge and bactericidal towel are made without the use of artificial dyes, are convenient to use and help to feel the cleanliness of the body without any extra effort.


1. Open the package and take out the thin white towel.
2. Leave the sponges with blue stripes in the package.
3. Add up to 40 ml of water to the sponge pack.
4. Remember the packaging to foam the inside.
5. Remove the sponges and lather the entire body.
6. Wipe off the foam with a thin white towel.

Attention, do not soak the sponge in a large amount of water.