Dry shower for military MILITARY
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Dry shower for military MILITARY

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• Disposable foam sponge with dermatological gel - 1 pc.
• Spunlace towel - 1 pc.

Estem Foam Sponge is a unique hygienic product for use in limited conditions without access to water. It is ideal for camping, train, cottage and field use. As a result of use, you get clean and moisturized skin, as after a full bath.

Advantages of Estem foam sponge:
In fact, this is a disposable shower that contains a sponge with hypoallergenic gel and a towel. It is enough to add 20-25 ml of water to get a lush foam that is enough for the whole body. Then it is easily wiped with a disposable towel, no need to rinse.

Kit benefits:

• Can be used on dry and damp skin;
• Leaves no soapy or sticky residue;
• Has disinfecting properties;
• Compact when transporting;
• Requires minimum space for application.

This is a great solution for the military, who are away from civilization for weeks and need compact hygiene products. The towel is made of modern spunlace material, which has bactericidal properties and excellent moisture absorption. The products have been certified in Ukraine and are sanitary safe.


1. Open the package and take out the thin white towel.
2. Leave the sponge with the blue stripes in the package.
3. Add 20-25 ml of water to the sponge pack.
4. Remember the packaging to foam the inside.
5. Remove the sponge and lather the entire body.
6. Wipe off the foam with a thin white towel.

Attention, do not soak the sponge in a large amount of water.