Dry shower for military MILITARY EXTREME + DRYER
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Dry shower for military MILITARY EXTREME + DRYER

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Complete set:
• Disposable pinna sponge with dermatological gel - 1 pc.
• Towel made of non-woven material Spunlace - 1 pc.
• Sachet with water - 1 pc.
• Sachet with sip for nigs "Sushkar" - 2 pcs.

Dry shower for military MILITARY EXTREME + Dryer - an ideal set for military, hospitable and tourists with daily driving and others. Take care of your hygiene and comfort in any mind.

The Danish kit helps to get in touch with the intermediary resources and ensure cleanliness and hygiene in the military minds. MILITARY EXTREME mix sachets with water (20-25 ml), ensuring optimal hygiene and protection against infections.

Sipka "Sushkar" with natural components is clayey to the vologer, preventing the appearance of an unacceptable smell of sweat and the development of bacteria. It will become an ideal addition to the kit for the most special hygiene in different minds.

Instructions for victorious soul:

1. Open the package and remove the thin white towel.
2. Fill in the package with a sponge with black women.
3. Add 20-25 ml of water to the sponge pack.
4. Remember the packaging to spin the sponge in the middle.
5. Remove the sponge and lather the whole body.
6. Vitrіt pіnu with a thin white towel.

Respect, do not soak your sponge near the great water.

Instructions for using the additive for nig "Sushkar":

1. Change your feet so that your feet are dry before using the powder.
2. Sprinkle a sachet with "Sushkar" sip and evenly sap the sip on the surface of the legs, giving special respect to problematic plots, so between fingers and feet.
3. Give the child's breath on the legs with a decal of quills, helping to absorb the vologda.
4. In case of fire, you can also sip a little bit of powder near the scarpet and suttle for additional protection from water and an unacceptable smell.
5. Surplus of sip can be removed with a soft cloth towel, so that the stench does not get into the skin.