Disposable shower sponges 2 in 1 EVERYDAY
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Disposable shower sponges 2 in 1 EVERYDAY

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Say hello to Estem's innovative product, the Everyday Set, which includes 7 shower sponges with a refreshing tropical coconut scent! Thanks to its unique format and the pH 5.5 dermatological gel that soaks the sponges, this 2-in-1 product replaces conventional washcloths that accumulate bacteria in a humid environment, as well as a jar of shower gel. Enjoy premium daily care while saving time and resources during daily use.

Each sponge gently and effectively cleans the skin, providing maximum comfort and is washed off with water, leaving no traces and dryness on the skin. With this set, you will forget about dangerous reusable washcloths and dispensers, because it's time to move to an innovative level of care for your skin!

Advantages of the product:

1. Ease of use, without the need for additional gel.
2. Quick flushing and tremendous water savings.
3. The sponge is pleasant to the touch compared to ordinary reusable washcloths.
4. A set for a whole week, with a minimum of occupied space in your bathroom.
5. Hypoallergenicity and safety due to single use.


-Sponge made of polyester fiber (12x20x0.7 cm, white color) coated with a transparent coconut-scented soapy substance.
-Density: 150 g/m².
- Composition of impregnation: water, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamide DEA, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, citric acid, fragrance, lactic acid, propylene glycol, malic acid, medicinal rosemary extract, Chinese camellia leaf extract, bitter orange flower extract, sodium hydroxide.

Do not delay - place your order and feel the incredible softness and aroma of tropical coconut with the new shower sponges from Estem Everyday! Great for gifts or for personal use!

Try our ultimate shower sponges from Estem Everyday to see their quality, effectiveness and convenience. Forget about dangerous washcloths and dispensers - it's time to move to an innovative level of care for your skin.

Order a set of 7 shower sponges from Estem Everyday now and enjoy an incredibly soft, fast and economical shower process with the aroma of tropical coconut. Your skin will be provided with premium and safe care and protection, and you will have a great mood for the whole day!

Method of use:

1. Wet your body.
2. Use the sponge on already moisturized skin.
3. Soap the whole body with massaging movements.
4. Rinse with water.
5. Throw the sponge in the trash.