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Complete set:
• Disposable pinna sponge with dermatological gel 12x10 cm - 1 pc.
• Paper towel - 2 pcs.

Estem Mini is a great way to give your feet or hands the merit of sight and relaxation. With its compact size and efficient components, you can enjoy a shower de bi vie never before.
This small set of roses allows you to enjoy the renewal and calm of your feet and hands for the treatment of illness. The Estem Mini kit includes a changed sponge, stuffed with a hypoallergenic gel, which helps to effectively clean the skin in the brood and the brood with minimal water stains. Also included in the set are 2 paper towels, which will secure everything you need for the best inspection.
Add Estem Mini to your ritual, to give your feet or hands a moment of calm and freshness, which stench deserves. Regardless of whether you are on the road, camping, or just want a quick update after a busy day, Estem Mini will provide you with security and clear sight.


1. Open the package and remove paper towels.
2. Fill in the package with a sponge with black women.
3. Add 10 ml of water to the sponge pack.
4. Remember the packaging to spin the sponge in the middle.
5. Remove the sponge and wash the necessary parts of the body.
6. Vitrіt pіnu with a thin white towel.

Respect, do not soak your sponge near the great water.