Full body shower MEDICAL
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Full body shower MEDICAL

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We would like to introduce you to your miraculous helper in looking after people with limited physical abilities, for those who are in rehab after surgery or at high temperatures - a shower for the whole body of Estem Medical. Specially for the improvement of hygiene in bedridden ailments and injured people, to make the process of cleaning the skin as comfortable and safe as possible.

Estem Medical is not just a sponge, but a technology of purity and sight, resolutely disassembled for those who are stuck with life's cliches. A shower for the whole body, which boosts immunity and healthy skin, does not require great efforts for activation - just add 25 ml of water and feel it, as if it comes to life in your hands, creating a kick for the lower sight.

This amazing product includes 7 sponges, oozing with a dermatological, hypoallergenic gel, ideal for nursing homes, doctors, clinics and rehabilitation centers. Ale naygolovnіshe - vin granting comfort and sight there, where it is most necessary.

Advantages of Estem sponge:

• Impeccable surveillance without the need for a bathroom wall.
• Maintain the natural balance of skins without damaging the microflora.
• Do not leave sticky abo milny traces, leaving the skin fresh and clean.
• Hypoallergenic gel m'yako dbaє about the lower skin.
• Suitable for intimate hygiene.

A skin sponge made of polyester fiber has a massage effect, stimulating blood circulation and preventing the development of bedsores. Qi disposable pinn sponges created to fight against the development and spread of infections. Mayut sanitary and hygienic certificates of Ukraine.

The method of using Estem's pinnacle sponge:

1. Carefully open the package and squeeze one sponge.
2. Easily wet the sponge with water from a spray bottle or add a little water.
3. Remember the sponge dekilka once, to activate the pin.
4. Spread the stump evenly over the entire body, starting from the upper part of the body and going down.
5. Lowly pick up a kick from the body for help with a towel.

Try the Estem Medical shower - discover a new level of comfort and sight for yourself. This innovative technology makes the process of sighting not only effective, but also acceptable. Observe the purity and freshness of the skin day with Estem.