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Field shower


Field shower - hygiene in any conditions

A tourist trip or a forced stay in the field is not always accompanied by comfort. To get it, in such situations it is worth looking for practical solutions. One of them is a field shower.

Good hygiene is vital because it helps prevent the contamination or spread of germs and infectious diseases. Germs that cause many diseases can be spread by touching other people, getting feces on your hands, handling contaminated food, or coming into contact with dirty surfaces or objects.

When you are far from civilization, you don't have to give up its achievements. You can ensure a comfortable stay by using practical items that facilitate existence in the bosom of nature. A field shower is one of them. Allows washing under any conditions. Only a little water is enough for its use. Another obvious advantage of this solution is its compactness.


Field shower — principle of operation

Being in the field, it is quite easy to forget about proper hygiene. Obviously, 2-4 days without a shower is not a tragedy. However, it is important to wash your hands and kitchen utensils because it is very easy to get poisoned.

Estem.ua offers a diverse selection of hygiene kits that will help maintain body cleanliness even where we do not have access to running water. Some of them, in addition to the foam sponge, also contain a towel, which allows you to wash and dry yourself by purchasing only this set.


The field shower from Estem is a compact solution to the issue of hygiene in difficult conditions far from civilization. In order to use it, you need:


Remove the sponge on which the dry gel is applied from the package


Pour 25 ml of water onto the sponge




Clean the body with foam


You can not wash off


Wipe with a regular towel or part of the kit

Where to buy a field shower in Ukraine

Maintaining hygiene and health in the field can be challenging, especially during prolonged physical activity. Establishing a daily routine will help you stay healthy in such conditions and reduce the chances of infection. Always carry a small washing kit with you, which should include products for brushing your teeth, washing your face and body (Estem field shower) and foot care. Never use the same products to clean dirty body parts and face. You will spread bacteria. If necessary, follow the "face, then feet" rule, meaning wash or dry the cleaner part first, then use the same cloth for the dirty parts.

Estem.ua offers to buy a field shower in the form of compact kits that are easy to take with you. The costs will not be high, and the sets will be successfully used in many trips to nature. They are very convenient to use, take up little space and are light, so they will not burden your luggage, but they can make life much easier in terms of hygiene.