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Foam sponges


Estem foam sponges are a completely new approach to daily personal hygiene

A long trip, a hike, a camping holiday or any other situation when water procedures are not available, a disposable shower will come in handy. "Minimum water — maximum cleanliness" — this slogan optimally reflects the capabilities of these products. Foam sponges are made of fiber without the use of preservatives and impregnated with a special neutral hypoallergenic pH gel. Fiber effectively removes dirt on the surface of the skin, suitable even for people with sensitive skin. The material also has a massage effect.

Although the Estem sponge already has its fans on the Ukrainian market, not everyone is familiar with this unique hygiene product. It is a small palm-sized sponge with a hypoallergenic gel applied to it. Hermetically packed in a polyethylene bag. For the military in military colors. Can come complete with a disposable towel and a sachet of water.

Does not cause irritation and allergies, is safe and can be used by people of all ages, including newborns. The sponge is impregnated with a unique dermatological gel, which not only cleans, but also disinfects.

Estem foam sponge — features of use

Advantages of using a disposable shower:



✓ able to replace several cosmetic products at once — sponge, gel, shampoo and other body washes;

✓ it is enough to wet the sponge with a small amount of water (30 ml);

✓one sponge is enough to wash an adult person of any build from head to toe;



✓ suitable for any skin type;

✓ does not cause allergies or irritations;

✓one-time use prevents the transmission of various fungal infections and infectious diseases, which are possible when using a reusable hygienic product;

✓suitable for daily use;



✓ does not take up much space, the product can always be carried with you in a bag or backpack;

✓does not require special conditions for storage;






✓ carefully takes care of the body;

✓does not leave soapy divorces behind;

✓no feeling of "stickiness";



✓ used disposable foam sponges are subject to recycling.

You can buy disposable foam sponges with dermatological gel at an affordable price on the Estem.ua website.

Estem foam sponge - who will be useful

The skin is a protection against pathogenic microorganisms and a thermoregulator of the body. If dirt, dead cells and sweat are not removed from the surface in time, then the protective function is not performed and it itself can become a source of problems.

Disposable foam sponges are hypoallergenic, impregnated with a dermatological gel with a neutral pH=5.5. First, they were specially developed for the personal hygiene of patients in medical centers, clinics, homes for the elderly and hospitals.

Later, they found their use in the military, athletes, fans of active recreation and camping. After all, the sponge is compact, convenient and easy to use. If it is not possible to rinse the body with water, it is enough to wipe it with a dry or wet towel.