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Minimum price - maximum purity

With concern for the Armed Forces of Ukraine


A disposable shower is an invariable component of any military backpack. Hygiene at the front should be accessible and simple. We have significantly reduced the price of Estem's original disposable showers to provide the military with a quality product.

Providing the military with everything they need is a task that many people are trying to solve, but it does not make it any less difficult. Situations when you have to choose between quality and quantity are rare, but unacceptable. That's why we've made the original disposable showers more affordable - so you don't have to choose.


ESTEM disposable shower

for cleansing the whole body

Estem Home&Travel contains environmentally safe components and does not require additional means for use. Everything you need to "take a shower" is in a small bag protected from moisture. The hypoallergenic dermatological gel that the sponge is impregnated with has passed dermatological control and is safe even for babies. Estem Home&Travel is a convenient and reliable way to get rid of dirt in any conditions.

The offer is valid for representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Police, the National Guard, volunteers and employees of charitable foundations and public organizations.

Features of the ESTEM sponge:

The Estem disposable foam sponge is ideal for people in the field.
This set helps to keep the body clean without additional means in a short time and with maximum comfort.
The sponge contains a patented hypoallergenic gel that has been tested by foreign and Ukrainian dermatologists and is recognized as safe even for babies.
A towel made of spunlace material absorbs moisture well.

Complete set:

• Disposable foam sponge with dermatological gel - 1 unit.• Towel made of spunlace material - 1 unit.
Advantages of a field shower:
• Environmentally safe components• Does not require additional means• Easy to store in closed form• Easy to dispose of.
The production uses imported raw materials of European quality, which is confirmed by certificates. This hygienic product will help keep the body clean when there is a lack of water and has a low price.


1. Open the package and take out a thin white towel2. Leave the sponge with the blue stripes in the package3. Add 20-25 ml of water to the package with the sponge4. Remember the package to foam the sponge inside5. Take out the sponge and soap the whole body6. Wipe the foam with a thin white towel.
20-25 ml of water (no more than 50 ml) is enough to activate the gel. It is not necessary to wet the skin before using the kit and to wash off the foam with water after use.